A window into a beautiful project – Roaming Rumours of Resistance
May 6, 2024

From October 26 to 29, 2023, Johannes Reisigl and Juri Velt took over openspace.innsbruck with their hybrid radio program “Roaming Rumors of Resistance” as part of the Magic Carpets – European Platform Project. We are truly grateful for all the moments we shared this week – from setting up the project and collaboratively embroidering a large textile, to listening to and sharing stories, learning from each other and celebrating together.

Roaming Rumours of Resistance is a nomadic and parasitic radio program and the collaborative research framework of Johannes Reisigl and Juri Velt. Founded in 2022, they connect the voices of different beings, places and practices to queer their understanding of resistance. Together, they search for orientation in uncertain times to cultivate response-ability and new planetary imaginaries – embracing muddy becomings, clumsy solutions and feral beings in the thick present. It is through the slowness of their making and the intimacy through which they relate, that they hold space for vulnerable failings, doubt, not-knowing, (un-)learning and collective meaning-making.

Collaboration with:

Thank you Juri and Johannes for sharing with us your understanding of resistance!

This short video made by videographer Ivan Okelo offer a glimpse into this beautiful and important creative process of Johannes and Juri: