June 18, 2024

SA, 29./ SO, 30.06. 10:00 – 14:00
cyanotype printing, multi-sensory investigation, site specific, performative actions

„The course derives from some basic notions out of my own artistic practice: life/creation grows out of bliss pleasure. Pleasure is an effortless state of existence. It is the perfect balance between time (and space aspects. Creation is possible everywhere, as it is life itself. Through just being alive we are always creating something, even if we are unaware. Art happens when we are consciously creating. “ – Charlotte

In the course we will learn how to take care of material on site (venue, outdoors, by walks) experimenting with Cyanotype (anthotype) photograms as a technique of meta documenting a space.

Entering a dialogue with the possibilities of the present moment. What do I know? What do I see? What is space? What is the material? How can I put it to use? Creation.

Reclaiming the pleasure in playing as a tool for empowerment. The pleasure and lightness of just being. Igniting a curiosity about the immediate surroundings that extends beyond the personal exterior and everyday dramas.

“Bliss pleasure is creativity.
Pain pleasure is destruction.
The energy is neutral in itself.”
– Charlotte

Course Day 1

Charlotte will introduce her artistic practice and conduct a workshop on shadow painting with cyanotype, both indoors and outdoors. Participants will learn the cyanotype technique, a camera-less photography method that creates blue and white images, and how to make anthotypes at home. The artist will prepare special paper in advance, and participants will also prepare paper for the next day.

Course Day 2:

Participants will gather at Openspace.Innsbruck and take a walk through the city for a site-specific shadow painting session, experimenting with exposure times. They will return to Openspace to develop the images and conclude with a discussion about their experiences.

This course is cooperation between Kunstraum Innsbruck, openspace.innsbruck and Magic Carpets.
Venue: Openspace. innsbruck / Mentlgasse 12B
Language: Englisch / Deutsch

FEES PER COURSE > regular: €60 / reduced: €40
Reduction for Kunstraum Innsbruck members, students, pupils, apprentices and the unemployed (upon presentation of proof).

Registration deadline is June 18, 2024
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About the Artist:

Charlotte is multidisciplinary artist from Örebro, Sweden, who will join us in this year’s @magiccarpets.eu Artist in Residency program from June to October.

Charlotte graduated with a master’s degree in fine arts from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. She also holds a BA in rhetoric and anthropology. Her works are often based on site-specific performative actions which then turn into temporary installations – remnants of human activity.

Her work can be seen as futile attempts to patch up a crumbling world by salvaging the discarded material shards that are the treasures of the urban collector, and by using them in new ways to revitalize and give them context. Key words are care and concern for places and remains, the creation of value, and the relation between the seemingly detached and useless.

Charlottes interest in knowledge creation and the creative process is at the core of her practice. As a part of her artistic practice, she teaches at a preparatory art school, occasionally co-creates/collaborates with other artists, and coordinates exhibitions.