Part of MAGIC CARPETS – Creative Europe Platform Project 2017-2021

Organized by openspace.innsbruck
Curating and project management: Danijela Oberhofer Tonkovic
Administration and production: Charly Walter
Main Partner organization Innsbruck 2020:
Heart of Noise Festival

RFI – Reich für die Insel
BASIS Vinschgau Venosta
The Rural Commons Assembly

International partner-organizations 2019:
Trempolino (Nantes, France)
Kaunas Biennale (Kaunas, Litauen)
Tbilisi Photo Festival ( Tbilisi, Georgia)

The Magic Carpets project is funded by the EU as part of the “Creative Europe” program and supported by the City of Innsbruck, the State of Tyrol and the Federal Ministry of Art, Culture and Public Service.



And still – IN!
IN-volved right here!

In the past years, we focused on what’s „in-between” in the scope of the Magic Carpets project. We developed programs in between Innsbruck (openspace) and other platform-members in Lithuania, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Georgia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Rumania, Ukraine, Serbia, France and Latvia. We liaise between local and international artists, between artists and communities, between different artistic disciplines, as well as between various local, regional and international organizations. Between traditions and the contemporary. Between postponing and cancellations. Between the proposed and the decided. Between the thought and what is voiced. Between spaces and new ways of using them.

Between back then, today and tomorrow.

Between conditions and a plurality of perspectives on them. Between various realities. Between technology, craft and art. Between the local and global challenges of our times.
Between intimacy and the public sphere, your own and those of another, between us and them, me and you – you and you. Between people.
Between moments of silence and thundering noise, closeness and distance. Between hearing and listening. Between looking and seeing!

We are here and IN-volved because we care about what is IN-between!
Artists who are „in-between” are exactly right for us – right where they need to be and they are needed here.

On our way with the flying carpet, we can be found on the streets and in various places between Innsbruck, and Kaunas, Nantes, Schlanders, the island of Hvar and Tbilisi. Between openspcace, Heart of Noise and Basis Space Vinschgau. Between multiple local interventions, processes and the big international closing exhibition where we will finally land (at least for a short while): the „Magic Carpets Landed” exhibition at the opening of Kaunas capital of culture 2022.

In the project year 4 – we celebrate IN!Between!


Local developed projects: Anna Lerchbaumer, Benjamin Tomasi, Johanes Reisigl, Stefan Rasberger, Peter Lorenz and others.

International Artist-in-Residencies: Carmen Brucic, Martina Jole Moro , Fabian Lanzmaier, Lino Lanzmaier, Georg Wieser.

Collaboration local: Heart of Noise Festival

Collaboration International: Trempo (Nantes, France), Kaunas Biennale (Kaunas, Lithuania ), Tbilisi Photo Festival ( Tbilisi, Georgia), Basis Space ( Schlanders, Süd Tirol, Italy)


Artist in Residence program by openspace.innsbruck:


Sonic Shrine / Audio installation from sculptural loudspeaker totems
Congress Foyer, Innsbruck
Collaboration with: Heart of Noise Festival

Anna Lerchbaumer deals humorously and critically with our relationship to technology and nature. As a sound and video artist, she creates space-consuming installations in which sculptural aspects play an important role. The installation in the foyer of the congress called “Sonic Shrine” shows an assemblage of loudspeakers on turned and colorfully lacquered wooden sculptures. The traditional craft technique as a framework for a multi-channel sound composition. The work realized for Magic Carpet plays with different qualities of loudspeakers, as well as acoustic artefacts and their electromagnetic aura.

The loudspeakers themselves come from different locations in Innsbruck’s music scene and subculture and, as objects, already contain a story. Anna Lerchbaumer has built a shrine of homage to the disused equipment with “Sonic Shrine”.


Additional projects developed within Magic Carpets Year 4 in Innsbruck:


Time is – not – an issue – Environment. Sound and object installation. Performance.
Location: Reich für die Insel, Innsbruck
Collaboration: Heart of Noise Festival

Benjamin Tomasi is a visual and sound artist from Bozen, lives and works in Vienna. The environment “Time is – not – an issue” negotiates a time loop in space. Like an artificial ruin, a relic and a portal into the past, the installation is a reminder of the passage of time. Like a staffage made of concrete material, sonorous and physical elements, the environment gives insights into a future in which the elements of the present decay and outlast us. Time does and doesn’t matter, it continues. We are in between.

With Claudia Tomasi (Benjamin’s sister, dancer and choreographer from Berlin), the environment becomes a stage for an intimate, interactive performance with one participant each. She combines techniques of cranio-sacral healing practice with forms of contemporary dance performance and transfers these to the person participating in the performance in a specially developed, very gentle choreography.


The Rural Commons Assembly

The Rural Commons Assembly is a temporary platform, laboratory and think tank for trans-local networking and learning. Over several days, it brings together initiatives and practitioners who confront social, political, economic and ecological complexities through developing cooperative and imaginative alternatives on a local scale. The assembly offers safe spaces and one public forum to its participants so as to facilitate encounters, mobilize locally rooted sets of knowledge, share and explore diverse practices, learn from different experiences and foster possible new alliances.

In its first edition “Art, Culture and Trans-Alpine Cooperation” taking place from September 2nd to 5th 2021 in West-Austria, twelve initiatives from three countries and five regions will assemble for the first time. This includes the EUREGIO of Austria and Italy (Tyrol, South Tyrol, Trentino) as well as the border areas of Switzerland (Engadin) and Slovenia (Friuli Venezia Giulia). That way, various venues in the towns of Innsbruck and Wattens will become places for mutual learning through workshops, presentations, discussions, guided tours and convivial activities.

The idea for the Rural Commons Assembly was born during series of field trips undertaken by artist Johannes Reisigl around the Alps from 2019 onwards. In those years, he had been meeting various participating initiatives, weaving a network of relations across regions and starting to sense overlapping themes, practices and interests; as much as problems, challenges and open questions. Understanding that there had been little resources and no spaces to federate these, he started to dedicate his own resources to shape such a space.

Doing so, Johannes has partnered up with the Rural Commons Festival co-curated by Cristina Dalla Torre, Bianca Elzenbaumer, Sara Favargiotti and Maddalena Ferretti in Spring 2021, to strengthen shared pursuits, further develop methodologies and adopt the concept of “rural commons” through action-research.

Johannes Reisigl is an artist living and working between the Netherlands and the Alps. He studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and The Cooper Union.



May – September, 2021
Anna Lerchbaumer Artist in Residence at openspace.innsbruck

15. – 17. June 2021:
EPILOGUE /Invisible Cities by Peter Lorenz
Installation in public space

03.- 05. September, 2021
Presentation of the artistic work at Heart of Noise Festival:
Anna Lerchbaumer „The Sonic Tribe“ / Audio-visual Installation at Congress, Innsbruck
Benjamin Tomasi “Time is – not – an issue” / Environment 2021. Sound und Objektinstallation. Performance.

2.- 5. September, 2021:
The Rural Commons Assembly by Johannes Reisigl

4. – 6. November, 2021:
4 Years of Magic Carpets – 4 Years IN!BETWEEN
Exhibition Premierentage 2021 at openspace.innsbruck



April to July 2021 – Artist in Residence at Trempolino, Nantes:
Martina Jole Moro, Fabian Lanzmaier, Lino Lanzmaier

June – August 2021 – Artist in Residence at Kaunas – Kaunas Biennale, Lithuania:
Georg Wieser – Xorx

July – August 2021 – Artist in Residence Tbilisi – Tbilisi Photo Festival, Georgia:
Carmen Brucic

November 2021
5. November 2021 – 23. January 2022
“Magic Carpets Landed”
Magic Carpets international final exhibition at the opening of the European Cultural Capital Kaunas 2022 with number of Austrian artists:
Richard Schwarz, Matthias Krinzinger, Benjamin Tomasi, David Prieth, Peter Lorenz, ludwig technique and more.