Sonic Worlds of the Between

Organized by openspace.innsbruck

Curation and project management: Danijela Oberhofer Tonkovic

Administrative work and production: Charly Walter (openspace.innsbruck director)

Main partner organizations Innsbruck 2019:

Heart of Noise Festival

Wilten Cultural Summer


Other local partner organizations Innsbruck 2019:

Fablab und Spielraum für Alle

Werkstätte Wattens

IT Syndikat

SuperPlus Records

Modular Music Academy


International partner organizations 2019:

Prague Biennale (Prague, Czech Republic)

CCA – Center of Contemporary Art (Tbilisi, Georgia)

LA852 (Zagreb, Croatia)






“Sonic Worlds of the Between  – between the moments in hush and thundering noise of everyday life. Between now and then, closeness and distance, between hearing and listening. Always open and full of life vibrations. – in an never-silent soundscape!” – Danijela Oberhofer Tonkovic (curator)

“Sonic Worlds of the Between” explores the “unheard” sonic dimension of the City. The artists were working with the collected sounds of the city and made audible what sometimes in everyday life is not heard! Al the artworks developed – involve collective effort!  As such, “Sonic Worlds of the Between”, symbolizes the possibility of collaborative exploration and development of the forms of social coexistence.



Because of its beauty and fragility in the sense of time-baseness, ephemerality and no visible trace, but at the same time its ubiquity – we decided to utilize sound as a primary medium of art expression for discovering potentials of our surroundings. By detecting (new or existing) potentials of the public spaces that are “in-between”, we challenged our selected artist to sett them up in the way to tell a story about the city ore even serve some alternative realities.

During several months over 2019, especially during the residency time from April to June, our project development was marked by creative force that was translated into multiple directions – collaborations, exchanges, networking opportunities, significant activities as well as powerful artworks.

Magic Carpets project year 2 was very much in the sign of good cooperations and solid collaboration-constructions. Significantly, our main partner was Heart of Noise Festival -electronic sound festival from Innsbruck.  No less important was the local supporting network which consisted of diverse local organizations – from the field of art & culture, media, community, as well as diverse creative centers, technology centers and entrepreneurial ecosystems (like: PMK, Spiellokal für Alle , Fablab, Hackerspace – IT Syndikat, Verschubu, Klangspuren, Werkstätte Wattens, Haus der Musik etc). They have complemented each other perfectly and, as such, represented an fruitful and creative basis for the selected artists and their work.

The artists in residence are taking position in the artistic-cultural context of Innsbruck and the neighborhood of the district of Wilten. Their concrete artistic works developed on the interface between sound, society and technology. is the vehicle for a dialogue with the population of the city.

The organizations that represented the support system were at the same time the communities that we approached and involved in various processes and activities during the residency. So, everything just kind of melted nicely together.

In the focus of our action, along with social dimension and sound, is almost logically imposing the use of modern technologies and science. Therefore, we worked closely with organizations and their members (who also had artistic aspirations) from ie Hackerspace Insnbruck (IT – Syndikat), Fablab and Werkstäte Wattens.

Al the artworks developed – involve collective effort!  As such, “Sonic Worlds of the Between”, symbolizes the possibility of collaborative exploration and development of the forms of social coexistence.

“Sonic Worlds of the Between” explores the “unheard” sonic dimension of the City. The artists were working with the collected sounds of the city and made audible what sometimes in everyday life is not heard!

“There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot.”
― John Cage

Nominated and selected local ARTIST for international residencies 2019:

Matthias Krinzinger (Innsbruck / Vienna) – Residency at: LA852 (Zagreb, Croatia) / David Prieth (Innsbruck) – Residency at: CCA – Center of Contemporary Art (Tbilisi, Georgia) / Benjamin Tomassi (Bozen / Vienna) – Residency at: Prague Biennale (Prague, Czech Republic)

Selected artists for the Innsbruck residency

This fertile ground for creating and implementing artistic ideas was very useful for the  selected Magic Carpets Artist: Mika Motskobili (CCA – Tbilisi, Georgia) and Jiri Suchanek (Prague Biennale, Czech Republic), as well as local artist duo ludwig technique and Christian Schwarzer.

Artist biography

Vo Ezn aka Mika Motskobili (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Vo Ezn aka Mika Motskobili is a multidisciplinary sound artist from Tbilisi, Georgia. Her previous work explored associative memory issues, social media algorithms and their implications and consequences on humans, disinformation, media manipulation and the formation of online political groupings.

Jiří Suchánek (Brno, Czech Republic)

Jiří Suchánek is a Czech sound and media artist, musician and multimedia experimenter focused on building interactive audio-light installations in natural or public spaces. His artistic approach is synthetic: In his work, he combines sound, light, sculpture, electronics and codes with carefully selected locations and explores the relationship between nature, technology and the durability of electronic media. At the center of his work is the sound, which is expanded or articulated by other media and unexpected social situations. Jiří Suchánek studied video-multimedia performance at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Technical University of Brno, completed a residency at the STEIM Foundation in Amsterdam and was awarded a scholarship for the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Currently he teaches audio technology and history of sound art in Brno.

ludwig technique aka Johannes Payr (Innsbruck, Austria)

ludwig technique (also known as Johannes Payr) is a cross-media concept and performance artist. He describes himself as a “media-analytical universal dilettante” who is active in various industries: from software development over normal construction sites to theater productions (both on and offstage) .A distinction between “art” and “work” is for him Therefore, according to his own statement “actually not possible.” He prefers a holistic approach to life, the universe and the rest. Thematically, he often works with recursive systems (for example: feedback loops) such as the human body and the central nervous system.

Christian Schwarzer (Innsbruck, Austria)

Christian Schwarzer is an artist and craftsman from Fritzens, Tyrol who works with materials and spaces that allow to experiment with forms and interpersonal structures. The use of discarded parts and raw materials is just as much a part of his concepts as the involvement of the people in the environment and the mediation between like-minded people. His works deal with questions of regional development, the use of resources, the effects of everyday life and music and are mostly influenced by current happenings and moods.

KUNSTme analog


On the interface between sound, society and technology Artist has developed great artworks and presented them in June:  OR-bits by Jiri Suchanek, Liminal Protocols by Mika Motskobili, Transmographon by ludwig technique and Christian Schwarzer, as well as their live performances and interventions at the Heart of Noise festival – TRAMatic Ride by Mika Motskobili, Klangbäume and Pulse 33 by Jiri Suchanek.

Three of our local artists from the Austrian MC artist pool – Matthias Krinzinger, Benjamin Tommasi, and David Prieth have joined international residencies in Zagreb, Prague and Tbilisi  in 2019 and experienced a similar joy abroad.

OR-bits By Jiri Suchenk

Interactive sound object filled with sounds recorded in the city is focused in a topic of circles, time and distance of human surrounding. Field-recordings created during the Jiris workshop “Sonic Map of the City” are the main sonic material for the object. Each imaginary orbit consists of sound recorded in proportional distance from selected installation space -– one sound in close, second sound 10m far away, third sound 100m away… 2 km far away. The sonic structure is open to creative collaboration of visitors. “Discovering new principle of interaction and controlling the sound is important part of the project. Understanding the question where I stand what is around me and what am I doing here is the crucial part of the Or-bits installation” – Jiri Suchanek.

Liminal Protocols by Mika Motskobili

Liminal Protocols is a site-specific interactive sound installation, which taps into the multi layered circumstances pertinent to the gradual demise of Frauenanger Spielplatz (former children’s playground and park area) . The park territory is rendered as a sensory area, where field recordings of various other parks of Innsbruck are transported and the volume and complexity of the sound layers increase incrementally as more people enter the park. The installation attempts to represent possible alternative realities for the area through sound and collective effort via attendance.

Transmographon by ludwig technique and Christian Schwarzer

The Transmographon is an instrument that makes wave interactions visible. In its production many local workshops and communities were involved. This process symbolizes the possibility of joint exploration and development of different forms of human coexistence. The instrument is also an offer to other artists to participate in the exploration of synaesthetic forms of representation.


Aditional works for Heart of Noise:


Vo Ezn live performance at TRAMatic Ride

Mika had a life performance in a moving tram (titled TRAMatic Ride) which was based, for 90 %, on field recordings of the residency surroundings and her acoustic experience in Innsbruck.. Very skillfully, and with such refined sense for sound selection, she performed on her octotrack sound machine for 1 hour in the tram, which was driving from the urban city center of Innsbruck into rural mounting countryside.


Klangbäume sound-installation

Successful cooperation with the project Klangbäume within the Heart of Noise festival. Jiri has provided magical moments for the festival audience with his sound installation in the trees. While in Innsbruck, Jiri has created 18 channel algorithmic composition for the “Trees” installation (outdoor surround sound system in the trees) in front of Haus der Musik.


Audiovisual algorithmic (modular) installation, which was rearranged and exhibited during 4 day of Festival in the foyer of the Hause der Musik.

Final Artworks were presented within Wiltener Kultursommer on 6 June and subsequently at the Heart of Noise Festival from 7 to 9 June. The presentations were complemented by a series of events, exhibition and workshops.