Nicola Di Croce video ID – Magic Carpets artist in residence program by openspace.innsbruck 2020

Nicola Di Croce, sound artist from Venice (suggested by Latitudo Art Projects), worked together with local artists on Innsbruck’s soundworlds during lockdown. In times of social distance and closed borders, Nicola has developed a process that challenges participatory methodologies and aims to approach different perspectives and intimate atmospheres of Innsbruck. Working together with five local artists – Milena Meller, Anna Lerchbaumer, Lucas Norer, Lukas Moritz Wegscheider, Andreas Zissler – Nicola proposed them to respond to a series of scores aiming to trigger their sonic memory and to focus on their relationship with Innsbruck. The collected field recordings are combined with bells as sonic landmarks to explore urban resonances and create a multi-layered sound map of the city as a metaphorical index of Invisible Cities Innsburck.

Three Collaborative Scores is a collaborative process dealing with different relationships with the city.  The scores has invite participants to submit sound material, which will be used, mixed, and reinterpreted during the live performance. This site-specific multi-channel sound performance is realised in cooperation with the bell foundry GRASSMAYER and openspace.innsbruck as part of Heart Of Noise festival and represents the Prologue of the project!

The bells are playing a key role in the performance, since they are used as “resonators” of this imaginary sound space. Bells are chosen for their historical role in pastoral culture within Tyrollean Alps, and for their massive presence in the regional landscape as important land and sound-marks. Bells are used to create a sounding space within the public space; they became the actual filter of the recordings and sounds collected during the previous step of the process. Sound recordings are diffused underneath their surfaces and then captured by contact microphones, which amplify their resonances and playback feedbacks through a quadriphonic sound system. The combination of direct sound sources and resonances was mixed live by Nicola.

Three Collaborative Scores was presented live at Heart of Noise festival on the 2. October 2020 at 15:00 in the Hofgarten City Park.

Three Collaborative Scores project with all contributions and steps is here to see an hear: