Charlotte Ostritsch from Örebro, Sweden

Charlotte Ostritsch
Born. 1980, Örebro, Sweden… is a Swedish artist with a master’s degree in fine arts from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. She also holds a BA in rhetoric and anthropology. Her works are often based on site-specific performative actions, which then turn into temporary installations – remnants of human activity.
The work can be seen as futile attempts to patch up a crumbling world by salvaging the discarded material shards that are the treasures of the urban collector and by using them in new ways to revitalize and give them context. Keywords are care and concern for places and remains, value creation, and relation between the seemingly detached and useless.
Her interest in knowledge creation and the creative process is a core of her practice. As part of her artistic practices, she teaches at a preparatory art school, occasionally co-creates/collaborates with other artists, and coordinates exhibitions.