Sonic Shrine / Part of Magic Carpets project #4 IN!Between
August 31, 2021

Audio installation from sculptural loudspeaker totems
Congress Foyer, Innsbruck
heart of Noise festival
Part of Magic Carpets project #4 IN!Between

Anna Lerchbaumer deals humorously and critically with our relationship to technology and nature. As a sound and video artist, she creates space-consuming installations in which sculptural aspects play an important role. The installation in the foyer of the congress called “Sonic Shrine” shows an assemblage of loudspeakers on turned and colorfully lacquered wooden sculptures. The traditional craft technique as a framework for a multi-channel sound composition. The work realised for Magic Carpet plays with different qualities of loudspeakers, as well as acoustic artefacts and their electromagnetic aura.

The loudspeakers themselves come from different locations in Innsbruck’s music scene and subculture and, as objects, already contain a story. Anna Lerchbaumer has built a shrine of homage to the disused equipment with “Sonic Shrine”.